3 Reasons To Paint Your Home’s Exterior This Spring

20 April 2018
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This spring, invest some time and money and repaint the exterior of your home. Repainting the exterior of your home will increase the value of your home, improve the curb appeal of your home, and provide you with an opportunity to protect your home. 1. Increase the Value of Your Home Painting your home is a great way to increase the value of your home. When you paint the exterior of your home, you are giving your entire home a paint lift.
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How You Know It’s Time To Repaint Your House

14 February 2018
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When you own a home, you are always on the lookout for ways you can improve your house. Taking care of your home typically includes painting and repainting as needed. After all, you want to keep your investment looking good. If you plan on selling or renting your home in the near future, painting is especially essential. You want to make your home look fresh, providing some curb appeal. Your potential buyer or renter will see that you take care of the exterior of the home and believe that you have also cared for the interior.
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