How You Know It's Time To Repaint Your House

How You Know It's Time To Repaint Your House

How You Know It's Time To Repaint Your House

14 February 2018
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When you own a home, you are always on the lookout for ways you can improve your house. Taking care of your home typically includes painting and repainting as needed. After all, you want to keep your investment looking good.

If you plan on selling or renting your home in the near future, painting is especially essential. You want to make your home look fresh, providing some curb appeal. Your potential buyer or renter will see that you take care of the exterior of the home and believe that you have also cared for the interior.

Cracking and Flaking

Cracking and flaking are the first signs your walls require paint. Unfortunately, these signs also point to other problems, including rot and mold. These problems are also often caused by sunlight and humidity.

You might even notice bare wood that is exposed, especially if you live in a region that snows or otherwise get plenty of wet weather. You definitely want to cover up bare wood before the colder seasons approach, as it will likely rot away if you do not. You should also look for signs of rotting wood, which often becomes apparent near windows and doors.

Even stucco homes are not immune to paint concerns. A sign that your home needs a new coat of paint is cracking of the stucco, especially in the areas where the home meets the foundation or windows. Without proper care, you will notice stucco crumbling and breaking.


One of the most obvious signs your exterior walls need new paint is the fact that the current coat is fading. If you have a dark or vibrant color, it is likely to fade more quickly than other options. Sometimes the color might even drastically change. Fading is most common in areas where the wall faces sunlight, due to UV radiation exposure.


Water stains occur outdoors, depending on where you live. Of course, you should always look for underlying issues before you simply smack a coat of paint over water stains. Mildew or mold could be growing inside. If you do have mold or mildew, you should address potential structural and rot problems as well.

Overall, homes require repainting over the years. Sometimes even a coat of paint that looks great can hide some difficult issues underneath. Make sure to consult with a residential painting services professional to see when your house needs a touch-up.

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