Six Types Of Color Schemes For A Home's Exterior

Six Types Of Color Schemes For A Home's Exterior

Six Types Of Color Schemes For A Home's Exterior

9 August 2023
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The right color scheme is critical for pulling off an exterior house painting project. Homeowners need to understand the possible color schemes. They can then choose one that matches their tastes and the house. These six color schemes represent some more common ways to paint a home.


If you want simplicity, a monochrome scheme is the way to go. You can use strong colors for a statement or something muted. A monochrome scheme works best when other elements of the house are visually interesting. If you paint a house light gray and it has wooden shingles, for example, the shingles support the composition.

Complementary Colors

You also can choose colors from opposite sides of the color wheel. This creates a vibrant appearance. A yellow house with purple trim can stand out. If you want to use complementary colors in a more subtle way, consider going with softer tones. Alternatively, you could use white for the main color and then use two complementary colors for the trim.


Analogous colors are ones that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. Blue and green are analogs, for example. You might paint a house light blue and then use dark green for the trim.


Anything in the beige to gray range serves as a neutral color. These are lighter colors that don't make huge statements. If you want something subtle, neutrals are your friends. You can use dark trim to add some excitement to your exterior residential painting.

Earth tones also can spice up a neutral scheme. Pairing brown with beige, for example, creates a rustic look. Green, tan, and terracotta can enhance a neutral scheme without feeling wild.


Forget statements and go bold with three colors from triangular corners on the color wheel. A triadic scheme is aggressive, especially if you use dark or saturated paints. Red, yellow, and blue are a triad, for example. Those who want to tone down can choose a main color and soften it. A soft yellow house with blue and red trim can be bold without getting noisy.


Tonal contrasts work as color schemes, too. Suppose you want a beige house. A dark and saturated color dividing the top from the bottom can make sense. This works especially well if the house's architectural features are visibly divided. If there's a strong line between the first and second floors, you might emphasize it with a contrasting scheme.

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