Painting Your Exterior: How To Get It All Done

Painting Your Exterior: How To Get It All Done

Painting Your Exterior: How To Get It All Done

23 June 2023
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Painting an exterior of a home, even just a small part of your home, can be a task. Painting the exterior can be daunting because you are dealing with outside elements that are out of your control such as the weather, pests, exterior dirt and debris, as well as the sun. You have a lot to contend with when painting outside. There's quite a bit of work that will go into this paint job as well, so you want it to look its best and last for some time. Read on for things to know and how to get this job done right.

Clean Thoroughly

Your siding, brick, or wood all needs to be cleaned thoroughly. No matter what paint job you are doing, you need to be sure it's clean. Pressure washing, using a siding or exterior cleaner, whatever you need to use to get the exterior surface cleaned needs to be done in order for the surface to be clean before you paint it. This will help ensure the paint will adhere properly to the surface and may help cut down on the number of times you have to paint that surface, so it's a win-win.

Watch The Weather

You need to watch the weather and pay close attention to the forecast to be sure you don't have any rain to contend with. If you have rain in the forecast, you may not get your paint job complete, then you have a half-painted home and you have to get everything back out again after having to put it all away and it can be a task that you don't want to have to take on. Watch the weather beforehand to ensure you have some good days without rain, too much heat, or weather that is too cold. 

Paint With Quality Paint

You need to be sure you are painting with quality paint to ensure your paint job looks as best as it can, without worry about the paint adhering properly, or the paint not covering and you needing to add extra coats, which can add up to even more work for you in the long run. Spend the money on quality paint that covers nicely with just one coat.

If you have an exterior paint job to complete, you need to take the right steps to ensure it goes smoothly and is long-lasting. This isn't a paint job that you want to perform yearly, so you want it to last. Hire a professional painting service like Willow Tree Painting & Home Improvement LLC to help you complete this task.

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