Ready To Revive Your Interior Commercial Space With New Paint? What To Know When Hiring A Team

Ready To Revive Your Interior Commercial Space With New Paint? What To Know When Hiring A Team

Ready To Revive Your Interior Commercial Space With New Paint? What To Know When Hiring A Team

11 May 2023
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If it's time to paint the interior of your commercial property and you have a large space you need to paint, this is work you want to be done by professionals. A commercial paint crew can get the work done efficiently and will help you change the look of your space.

You want to be choosy when you pick a crew to do the work, and when you pick a paint color. Here are a few of the things that you want to take into consideration.

Paint Quality Matters

All paint isn't formulated the same, and paint quality matters. When you get the quote for the painting job, be sure to ask for the highest quality durable paint to handle the wear and tear of your commercial space. This way you know you're getting quoted for the paint you need, and not be surprised later on if you have to increase the budget for the job because you need better paint.

Ask About Prep

Prep work is important because you want to know that everything else in the building is protected. The painting crew should:

  • Clean areas getting painted
  • Cover all materials and items that could be damaged by paint
  • Make repairs where needed
  • Remove outlet covers, light switch covers, and vents

You need to know what the painters will expect when they arrive to start the job, and what they plan on doing on their own.

Understand the Quote

Once you have a couple of different quotes from commercial painting contractors you can compare. You should see details for these things:

  • Paint costs
  • Painting tools and supplies expenses
  • Labor wages
  • Preparation expenses

The painting crew should also include information about their business in the quote, like their certification information and insurance details. From there you can compare what company is offering the most competitive rate with the materials and paint you want to use.

When picking a paint color for your commercial space, be sure to pick a color that will be timeless and neutral. A light neutral color will not only stay in style but should help to make the space feel more open.

Ask the contractors how long they think the project will take, so you can figure out the best time to have the work done. Go from there and pick the company that can get the work done quickly and affordably.

To learn more, contact a commercial painting service in your area.

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