Interior Paint Ideas That Can Update Your Home

Interior Paint Ideas That Can Update Your Home

Interior Paint Ideas That Can Update Your Home

24 January 2023
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If your home is still rocking paint trends from the early 2000s or prior, it may be time to give your home an updated look. Some of those trends from days gone by are not exactly on trend now and your home may appear a bit out of date because of it. Some of those trends may have been deep reds and oranges, darker brown colors, bright colors, or that avocado green color from the 70s, all of which may have your home looking dated. If your home has any of these colors, it may be time for a new splash of paint. Read on for some interior paint ideas that can update your home.

Stick With Neutral Tones

Use neutral, muted tones on your walls to update a room. Using neutral colors helps you to change up your home's decor without having to worry about changing the paint color. Use neutrals such as light tan or gray, or you can use different shades of white. Neutrals can also be appealing to a potential buyer if you plan on selling your home anytime soon, as the neutral colors are more attractive and can allow a potential buyer to move in without having to paint.

Skip The Giant Wall Murals

Wall murals may be appealing now, but they may not be that appealing later down the road when you decide that a giant mountain mural is not your style any longer. The mural may be cute in your daughter's room, but she may get tired of the giant rainbow mural that may have cost you a lot of time and money to have painted on the wall. These murals may also not be appealing to a potential buyer if you intend on selling your home.

Avoid Texture Walls

Texture walls may feel like a way to update a wall, but it can actually end up dating a wall instead. Textures such as rag rolling or applying paint with a decorative design roller may also date your walls. Skip these trends, as they can be very difficult to try to paint over or sand down later when you tire of them.

If you have an outdated paint job that has dated your home, it may be time for an updated paint job. Hire a professional painting service such as Negrini Painting to get the job done and avoid trendy ideas that may not last for long and end up dating your home further.

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