The Best Colors To Paint Your House- And Why

The Best Colors To Paint Your House- And Why

The Best Colors To Paint Your House- And Why

7 December 2022
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Current home color trends encourage homeowners to paint their homes in neutral shades that are timeless and calming.  Typically, experts recommend against a dark exterior as it can show dirt, discoloration, and damage far sooner than lighter paint colors.  

Here are some of the best colors to consider when painting the exterior of your house, and why: 

  • White is timeless, classic, and clean. Plus, it acts as the perfect blank slate for your curb appeal and other paint trim options. White and cream both make the home appear larger, too.  

  • Soft or smooth gray tones are calming and cool. These paint colors are considered neutral, and they pair well with a wide range of trim colors, from black or red to blue or even pink!  

  • Many different shades of blue remain a very popular choice for exterior paint colors. Choose one that is soothing and visually compatible with the surrounding landscape and properties.  

  • Black will make your home look smaller, so instead opt for charcoal or slate- both popular exterior paint colors. These are easy to pair with any color, from yellow to red.  

  • Taupe is a neutral that hides dirt and imperfections well. It is understated, yet classy and it helps a home meld well with the natural surroundings, whether in a rural or urban setting. Another pragmatic choice is beige, a slightly lighter shade than taupe.  

  • Green is always a popular choice, and you have a lot of varying shades to pick from. Choose a dark forest green with a lighter shade of shutters, doors, and trim- or select a lighter sage green, which is earthy and fresh. This softer green pairs well with both dark and light trim and looks great amidst foliage and vegetation.  

  • Brown is a trendy color to paint your house, and it has a rustic, cottage-style vibe. Darker shades of brown can camouflage and conceal the home in some surroundings. Add a pop of color with a bold blue, yellow, or red front door.  

  • Rust is another popular color currently for home exteriors. Make sure that it is not too orange, and coordinate with something neutral, like cream or beige trim and doors. Rust or a lighter shade of terracotta are excellent choices for older homes, giving them a unique look and great flair! 

Studies show that a few colors can turn off prospective home buyers, including pink, black, purple, lime green, and bright yellow. If these colors are your chosen palette, consider muted trim colors, like white or beige, to pair well.  

If you are more interested in bold paint colors, use these for pops of color on your front door, shutters, and trim according to real estate professionals. Committing to a shade that may not appeal to a large population could impede anyone looking to sell the property. Use these tips the next time you paint your home's exteriors and hire an exterior home painting contractor to make sure the job is done right.

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