Videoconference From A Home Office? 5 Steps To Find Wall Colors

Videoconference From A Home Office? 5 Steps To Find Wall Colors

Videoconference From A Home Office? 5 Steps To Find Wall Colors

29 August 2022
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Do you use home-based videoconferencing for your business or job? Millions of people have had to learn how to manage videoconferencing for everything from school to client meetings and even taped interviews. And when videoconferencing, your backdrop says a lot about you as a business person or employee. How can you use paint to send the right message during your video calls? Here are a few tips anyone can try.

Start With Branding

Brand colors are the easiest choice for many business owners or entrepreneurs. You already have a preset palette and you can integrate it with other brand elements like logos, mottos, and awards. It also helps build recognition, which is something that is key for small business owners.

Use Color Theory

Not using brand colors? Learn a little about color theory before selecting a background. The color wheel is a great tool to find what works well together. You can learn about analogous colors, complementary colors, and triad colors, for example. In addition, colors tend to create certain emotions in viewers. Red is an energetic color while green is often a soothing color. Use this to create your mood.

Test a Swatch

Before committing to an entire wall (or an entire office), test a large wall swatch. The easiest way to do this is to paint a large board and place it behind you during test video calls. This lets you try as many colors as you like in one space. Ask your friends, coworkers, or even customers to give their impressions of your color choices. 

Focus on Yourself

Wall colors have different effects on different features of the room. This can depend on the lighting, gloss of the paint, video software, and even your skin tones. Make sure the paint color helps present you in the best light possible. 

Consider Your Accessories

Professionals often carefully curate what accessories and decor will be in their background. Don't forget to test these with your chosen wall hues as well. You may find that a dark wall color, for example, makes your well-deserved recognition plaque or a copy of your book impossible to see during calls. Which element you change depends on which is more important to present. 

Where to Start

Want help finding the perfect background colors for your video calls? Start by meeting with an experienced residential painting service in your area today. With their help and these tips, you'll soon be building your brand or representing your employer like a pro. 

For more information, reach out to a residential painting service near you.

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