5 Bold Ways Paint Can Elevate Your Home's Interior

5 Bold Ways Paint Can Elevate Your Home's Interior

5 Bold Ways Paint Can Elevate Your Home's Interior

2 March 2021
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Do you want to take your home to the next level? Something as simple as paint can do the trick. But you may need to be bold and creative in order to elevate your spaces to something beyond what every other home on the block has. Here are a few ways to do the unexpected for a fabulous outcome. 

1. Decorate the Ceiling.

While most people focus on changing their décor by painting the walls, have you considered using the ceiling? Paint the ceiling an interesting shade or use designs to give it personality. You might even continue motifs started in fabrics or on walls right up onto the ceiling. 

2. Use Bold, Deep Colors.

Don't be afraid to occasionally be bold when it comes to color choice. With most homes sporting neutral walls and ceilings, you can stand out by using a striking, deep hue instead. While a deep, rich color shouldn't be overused, it can take a boring wall and turn it into a true centerpiece that makes the whole room. 

3. Hand-Paint on the Walls.

Express yourself through your paint scheme by designing some elements by hand. Draw designs, pictures, or patterns by hand. Or if you're not an artist by nature, design your own prints and patterns using tape and different colors. This is a chance to make any room unique to your own home because no one will have exactly the same pattern. 

4. Paint Faux Designs.

Faux painting can introduce architectural or decorative elements to your house without spending a fortune to actually build them. Molding and trim are some of the most common examples of faux painting that can be done by anyone. Add molding or a fake pedestal to the ceiling for a classy appearance that looks great from afar. You might even paint faux rugs to the front porch, stairs, or a corridor. 

5. Try Some Wallpaper.

Modern homeowners often overlook the value of wallpaper. But wallpaper provides interesting textures and patterns with a ready-made appearance. Opt for a bold and modern floral, whimsical nature designs that act like murals, or geometric prints to create a modern style with the ease of traditional wallpaper. 

Which of these interior painting ideas could make your house something truly special? No matter what your personality and your home's design, you can find the perfect complement in these bright and fascinating choices. Get started by consulting with an interior painter in your area today. 

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