Make Your Home Stand Out With Minor Exterior Paint Projects

Make Your Home Stand Out With Minor Exterior Paint Projects

Make Your Home Stand Out With Minor Exterior Paint Projects

6 January 2021
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When you drive or walk around your neighborhood, you may notice that your house does not stand out from the other properties on your street or over the course of several blocks.

If you are interested in making your home's exterior more noticeable to people by, you can come up with many ideas. When you are also looking to avoid major projects to accomplish this goal, you should get strategical with your efforts by hiring exterior painters for specific features.

Garage Door

A homeowner with a garage located in the back of the property should not think about painting their garage door as it will not impact curb appeal at all. But when your driveway faces the street and sidewalk, you can look forward to painting this feature and getting great results.

Going with a bright and noticeable color is the easiest way to make your garage door stand out amongst the neighboring properties. But you may not have to go with such a bold color choice when you also intend on painting other exterior features in vibrant colors to stand out easily.

This is a situation in which choosing a neutral color that you normally do not see on garage doors, such as black, can work because it will not clash with nearby colors and still stand out on its own.

Front Door

Painting the front door is almost always worthwhile because you will most likely be able to see it from the street, sidewalk, and neighboring homes without a problem. As long as you do not have major obstacles blocking the view of your front door such as bushes or trees, you can paint this feature and know that it will have an immediate impact on how your property looks to others.

Also, most people will notice the front door before other features because this is where the pathways from the driveway and sidewalk end up. If you have a front yard fence with an entry gate, you can rely on this feature to make your front door the center of attention even more.

Gutter System

While it may be trickier to reach than the front door and garage door, you may want to paint the gutter system in a color that you know will stand out easily. Most gutter systems are neutral in color, so going with red, blue, or even yellow can make your property more visible. You will also benefit from gutter systems being up so high since they will usually have fewer visual obstacles.

Hiring exterior painters to handle these projects can give your property a major visual boost without requiring a lot of work.

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