3 Ways To Find Color Inspiration For Your Dining Room

3 Ways To Find Color Inspiration For Your Dining Room

3 Ways To Find Color Inspiration For Your Dining Room

20 October 2020
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The dining room is often underappreciated, but it can be an important part of the home's atmosphere, your entertaining style, and the family's gatherings. Make the dining room a more integral part of your life by choosing the right color scheme for it. How can you do this? Here are a few simple strategies. 

1. Coordinate With Adjoining Rooms

A cohesive appearance for the more public areas of your home — the living room, dining room, and kitchen — makes it appear well-planned and thoughtful. Consider the color palettes of the adjoining rooms and how you might coordinate with these.

While you don't want to use exactly the same main colors in every room, you could easily incorporate similar accent colors, different hues of the main colors, or complementary colors from the color wheel. 

2. Match Colors With Your Entertaining Style

Another way to approach color design is by thinking about how you tend to use the room. The dining room, of course, always has the same purpose — to eat meals. But how you choose to have those meals and with whom sets apart your space from others. 

What is your entertainment style? If you like formal dinner parties, you might opt for a deep and rich color palette, such as jewel tones, chocolate, or a dark ivory. A room primarily used for family dinners and hosting other families, on the other hand, may work well with a vibrant scheme with sunny yellows or soft pastels. 

3. Update to Modern Trends

There's no shame in looking at modern design trends for inspiration. Keeping up with current styles helps update an older room, especially if you can't afford to completely update the furniture or remodel the space. In 2020, for example, you may enjoy trendsetting options like mint, grey-green, or hazelnut — depending on your personal taste.

Don't worry too much about popular trends fading too fast. Repainting later on is easy and inexpensive, so you can do it as much as you want. 

Which color strategy would work best in your home? You might create a more unified look by coordinating with other public rooms. Or you may want to update your colors to enjoy popular trends or better fit your entertaining style. Whatever your plan, get the best start by meeting with an interior painting professional today. They will help you choose a great color palette that brings out the best in your dining space. 

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