3 Cool Things To Try With Commercial Interior Painting

3 Cool Things To Try With Commercial Interior Painting

3 Cool Things To Try With Commercial Interior Painting

29 May 2020
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Painting the interior of your business is a fun, easy way to completely shift the visual appearance of your space. However, many business owners wonder what they can do with paint to make an impactful change. Here are three cool things you should try with interior commercial painting and how they could create the kind of look you are going for. 

1. Different Floors, Different Colors

If you have a tall, multi-floored commercial space, consider painting each floor a different color. Different colors give you the chance to create a different feeling on every level of your business and make it easy to tell where you are when you get off of the elevator. You can also use color psychology to make different floors more productive. For instance, you could paint the sales floor red for an empowering feeling and the incoming calls floor blue to help your workers to stay calm and happy. Whites, grays, and neutrals are peaceful colors, which make them perfect for offices. 

2. Accent Ceilings

You may have heard of accent walls, but have you ever considered the possibility of adding an accent ceiling? Consider having a beautiful mural painted directly on the ceiling of your business and focusing on adding plenty of color and detail. Beautiful murals are a great way to create visual interest, and leaving the walls plain gives your business a more routine appearance for guests. 

When you paint an accent ceiling, think about creating a geometric pattern or asking a professional artist to incorporate the themes of your business into the design. For instance, if you focus on botanicals, incorporating a theme of vines and flora could make the space feel beautiful and alive. 

3. Mantra Walls 

You know what your company stands for, but if you really want to get people excited about the future, consider painting a few mantra walls. Think about what you want your employees to know or remember throughout the day, and consider having those things painted directly onto the walls. Mantra walls are perfect to create an interior theme that speaks to you and your employees, inspiring others and giving people a sense of purpose. 

Remember, if the thought of painting your business is intimidating to you, you can always hire out the process, kick back, relax, and enjoy the chance to take care of other projects around your office. Be brave with your color choices since paint is always easy to change later if you want something different. 

To learn more, contact a commercial interior painting company.

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