3 Things To Know About Painting

3 Things To Know About Painting

3 Things To Know About Painting

28 September 2017
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Painting a home can make a big difference in it's appearance. It's one of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of the home. It's also less expensive that many other home improvement projects that homeowners may be considering. Painting is something that many homeowners choose to do before putting their home on the real estate market. When it comes to painting there are a few things that homeowners should know. 

Prepping The Walls Is Important

One thing to consider before painting is the condition of the walls. While paint can drastically alter the appearance of a room, it won't be able to completely disguise imperfections in the walls. Before painting it's important to make sure that the walls are even, clean, and that all wall paper is removed. While some may be tempted to simply paint over wallpaper, it's a better idea to go ahead and remove it. Wallpaper removal can cost anywhere from $393 to $1,084. Priming the walls and fixing any cracks or dents is also a must before painting.

Hiring A Professional May Be The Right Choice

One of the biggest draws of painting a home is the fact that it can be done as a do-it-yourself project. While many homeowners can tackle the challenge of painting their home, it's often easier and less time consuming to hire a professional painter. Homeowners who have high ceilings or other difficult to paint spaces may also find that hiring professional painters is the right choice. The cost of painting a home's interior ranges from $993 to $2,723 on average. Hiring a professional will also ensure that the paint is smooth and evenly applied.

Dry Time

Another thing that homeowners should know about painting is what the dry time is for their paint of choice. Latex paints usually dry in about 4 hours and are ready for a second coat while oil-based paint can take up to 8 hours to dry and require 24 hours to pass before a second coat is painted. Environmental factors can also play a large role in paint dry times. If there is a lot of humidity, warm temperatures, or poor ventilation, it can take longer for the paint to dry down. This can affect application. Professional painters are able to determine how the environment will affect dry times and adjust the paint application.

Painting the home can be a great way to spruce up the interior. For those who are considering painting their home there are a few things to consider. Wall prep is very important and hiring the professionals helps ensure that the paint is applied smoothly. Dry time can also vary depending on the type of paint and the environment in which it is being applied. Contact a service, like Carpentry & Painting Experts, for more help.

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