Get Ready For Your House's New Paint Job

Get Ready For Your House's New Paint Job

Get Ready For Your House's New Paint Job

31 October 2019
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Nothing brightens up a house like a new coat of paint, but the whole job is more complicated than just slapping some color on when you've got the time. You need professional painters to get the job done. While you could do the work yourself, the professionals can get it done faster and in a safer way, especially if you have a multi-story home. You can help out by preparing your property for the exterior painting.

Move All the Loose Stuff out of the Way

You'd think this wouldn't need to be said out loud, but it does: Move all loose items out of the way of the painters. Don't assume that they'll just move the chairs on the patio if needed, or that they'll step over the garden hose lying in the empty flowerbed by the house. Move it all away, either across the yard or into the garage.

Ask About Landscape Covering

Paint drips and splatters no matter how much you try to stop it from doing so. That means you've got to protect your landscaping (and your hardscaping -- don't forget about keeping the paint off the concrete). Protection is easy enough; you cover everything with tarps. But are you supposed to do that, or is the painting company supposed to do it? Chances are the painters will take care of that, but don't assume. Ask, and be sure you know what you have to do.

Find out Who Needs to Handle Caulking and Minor Repairs

Before you have the place painted, you'll need to make minor repairs and fix any old or missing caulking, especially around windows. That could be something the painting company handles, but not all companies will perform that service for you, and you may have to make other arrangements for different repair companies to do that work before the painting is done. Check with the painters about who will take care of all the little caulking-type repairs.

Cut Back Long Branches and Scrubby Shrubs

If any of the plants in your yard have parts that sit near the house itself, you need to trim those back so that branches and leaves won't scrape against the paint and leave streaks. Take wind into account, too; in other words, trim back branches that aren't touching the house if you think the wind could blow the branches toward the structure. Remember the shrubs and other plants that sit around your house as well. Trimming those also gives the painters more room to reach the portions of the walls of the house that are normally hidden by the bushes.

Before you know it, the exterior painting will be done, and your house will look fantastic. The painters can give you tips on keeping the exterior clean (or at the very least, tips on how to clean it periodically), ensuring your home remains in great shape.

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