3 Ways The Right Paint Can Help Stage A Home To Sell

3 Ways The Right Paint Can Help Stage A Home To Sell

3 Ways The Right Paint Can Help Stage A Home To Sell

22 February 2019
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Selling your home is not an easy process. Not only will you need to clean, organize, and declutter, but you will also need to complete a few updates to make your home more appealing and valuable to buyers. Fortunately, staging your home does not have to be that overwhelming. By choosing the right paint colors, you can update your home with ease, allowing you to stage your home to sell in an efficient and profitable manner. Here are a few ways paint can help stage your home.

Enlarge a Room

Most buyers want a spacious home. Therefore, you will want to make the rooms in your house look as large as possible – even if they are lacking in square footage. While surprising to learn, the right paint colors can actually make a room look larger.

Choose lighter shades of paint for the walls in rooms that are smaller. The lighter colors draw eyes continuously around the space, giving the illusion that the room is larger.

If you have a narrow room, choosing the right paint can make the space feel wider and more spacious, as well. Focus on painting the end walls, which are the shorter walls, a darker shade than the other, longer walls of the room. This draws the eyes around the room, making the room feel wider instead of long and narrow.

Brighten a Room

Natural light is important. While it brightens a space, natural light also improves the overall feel and mood of a room. If you lack windows in different windows of your home, you do not have the appealing natural light that many potential buyers will want. Again, the right paint can brighten a room that is lacking in natural light.

Lighter colors of paint should be used, but you should also focus on the paint finish. A matte finish will not reflect any of the light circulating through the room. A semi-gloss or gloss finish will allow the light you do have to bounce off the walls, reflecting through the room and making it feel lighter and brighter even though you do not have many windows.

Heighten a Room

Higher ceilings are not necessarily better, but if a small room has lower ceilings, the space will feel even more cramped and stuff. Paint can be used to heighten the ceilings.

Consider painting vertical stripes on the walls of small rooms with low ceilings. You do not necessarily have to use bright and bold colors to create these stripes, though. Choose a light shade of beige or grey for the base of the wall and then apply a slightly-darker shade of the same beige or grey for the stripes. 

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