Essential Wall Prep Before Painting

Essential Wall Prep Before Painting

Essential Wall Prep Before Painting

26 November 2017
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There are very few as fun and worthwhile as an interior paint job. Painting is also a great project because it is very affordable. The supplies are cheap, and labor is free if you do the painting yourself. In order to make your paint finish look great, you need to know a few simple things. That is, you can't just pick up a paintbrush, start painting, and expect professional results. This article explains three simple ways to make your paint job look better.

Priming is Always A Good Idea

Priming is a key step to any interior or exterior paint job. Some people don't think that is necessary with repainting drywall that is already painted. They mistakenly think that priming is only necessary applying paint to a surface for the first time. However, priming is always a good idea because it enables the paint to go onto the wall cleaner and it adds protection to your walls. Also, there are some products that have primer mixed into the paint. But, you should avoid using these because they don't work as well as separate primer and paint. You will get much better results if you prime all of your walls, let them dry for a full day, and then paint the walls.

Fill in Even the Small Nail Holes

Another important step you shouldn't skip if you want it more professional looking paint job is to fill all of the nail holes in your wall. Some people don't do this, and they end up regretting it. If you paint directly over even the smallest nail holes, they can look larger and protrude from the wall when they are repainted. You will get much better results if you quickly fill all of your nail holes with some lightweight spackling paste.

Clean Your Walls Before Painting Them

It is also vital that you clean your walls before painting them. This is especially important in kitchens, or any other room in your house that might have dirty walls. Grease in your kitchen can create a surface that affects the way paint dries on the drywall. Wiping down your walls with some liquid all purpose cleaner is essential if you want the paint to go onto your walls evenly.

As you can see, most of the steps are things you need to do before you even start to paint. The actual paint application is usually very simple and straightforward. If you skimp on the prep work, your paint job will suffer.

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