How To Remove Mold From Your Wood Floors

How To Remove Mold From Your Wood Floors

How To Remove Mold From Your Wood Floors

14 November 2017
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Mold can grow just about anywhere in your home. It can grow in bathrooms, kitchens, basements and even on your wood floors. If you've spotted mold spores on your wood floors, but aren't really sure if it is mold, you can purchase a mold testing kit. You can also keep an eye on the area to see if the mold spores grow or spread further across your floors. If it is in fact mold, it's imperative that you remove the mold to prevent it from causing health concerns for you and your family. See below for tips and instructions on how to remove mold from your wood floors:

Clear The Area And Mark It

First inspect your floors and look for the mold spores. Mark the areas and move furniture out of the way so you have a clear are to work with. Marking the area will help you see if the mold is spreading any further. You can use painter's tape or something else that will not damage your floors to mark it.

Use A Natural Cleaner

Use a natural cleaner when working indoors, as they aren't as toxic to you and your family. Be sure to still use rubber gloves and a respirator when cleaning the area. Natural cleaners such as diluted bleach, dish detergent or white vinegar can all be used to clean the mold. Scrub your floors with a microfiber cloth, wiping up as much of the water as possible so they aren't soaking wet.

Use A Mold Removing Cleaner

You can use a commercial cleaner to remove the mold, but be sure to ventilate the area properly. Read the manufacturer's instructions to be sure that you can use the cleaner on wood surfaces and that it can be used inside your home. Scrub your floors with a microfiber cloth, and use gloves, a respirator, and protective eye-wear when working with this type of cleaner.

Dry Your Floors

Dry your floors thoroughly with a clean cloth so they aren't too wet. You can also run a fan or a dehumidifier to help dry them out. Once they are dry, turn these off so you don't dry your floors out too much. Mold can grow in wet/moist areas, so you need to be sure the floors are dry to prevent growing more mold.

Keep An Eye Out

Keep an eye on your floors to be sure the mold doesn't return and spread further. If you see black spots or even white dots on your floors, you have a mold problem. Clean up these areas as best as you can. 

If you aren't able to clean up the mold, it's best to hire a professional company to get rid of the mold in your home. Mold can cause a lot of health issues for you and your family, so be sure it is removed properly and professionally. Contact a company like Artios Painting for more information and assistance. 

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