Four Tips For Choosing Exterior Paint For Your Home

Four Tips For Choosing Exterior Paint For Your Home

Four Tips For Choosing Exterior Paint For Your Home

8 November 2017
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Choosing the exterior paint color or colors for your home can be quite overwhelming. After all, it's one of the more expensive paint jobs you can have done to any part of your home and it's the first thing that people are going to see. Here are four tips to help you choose the right exterior paint color for your home:

  1. Consider the Neighborhood: First off, take a look at your neighbor's home. Standing out too much is definitely not ideal, but you also want to take note of which of your neighbor's houses have the best and worst exterior paints. This can give you a good palate to work with because you can have a better idea of which colors look best in your neighborhood. 
  2. Consider Your Own Goals: If you want your home to pop a bit, there's nothing wrong with this, you just don't want it to be too wild that you stand out like a sore thumb. However, if you want to be more subtle, then it's better to choose neutral colors that match with your neighborhood. 
  3. Research the Architectural Roots: Look into the architecture of your home, especially if you have an older home. Understanding what colors look best on the type of build your home has, you can take a more traditional stance that brings back the history and roots of the neighborhood and your home specifically. This is definitely a great way to increase value to your home, as well since people looking for old homes appreciate when it retains it's original aesthetic. 
  4. ​Consider the Fixed Colors: Finally, you want to keep the fixed colors in mind, such as the color of the chimney, stone, or other features that you either don't want to paint over or you can't. These limitations can help you better understand what paint colors are going to look best paired with these fixed colors. 

With these four tips in mind, you are more likely to choose the right exterior paint for your home. Talk with your painting service company, as well since they have experience knowing what type of paint and color looks best on your home type based on architecture, neighborhood, and style. Always hire professionals to do the job so that it's finished smooth and it will be more long lasting to prolong the need to have to repaint the exterior of the home again in the future. 

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