Things To Know About Painting The Exterior Of Your Home

Things To Know About Painting The Exterior Of Your Home

Things To Know About Painting The Exterior Of Your Home

6 October 2017
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Does the exterior of your house look a little worn and rough? If so, it probably needs a fresh look, and you might be able to accomplish this by hiring a company to paint the outside of it. Before you rush into this, here are several things to consider.

The Types of Exteriors You Can Paint

The first thing you might wonder is whether your house exterior can even be painted. After all, you certainly can't paint any type of exterior, or can you? Truthfully, it is possible to paint any type of exterior material you have; however, some types are easier than others.

If your house has siding on it, you will need to know what type of siding it is, but you can paint any type. Wood siding is probably the easiest to paint, but this is not a super-common type. Vinyl siding, on the other hand, is very popular, and it can be painted, but it may take some extra work.

Some people also even paint the brick they have on the outside of their homes. This is not always the best way to update brick, but it is possible.

Choose the Right Materials

No matter what type of material you have on your house, you can paint it, but you will need to choose the right materials for the job. There are dozens of different types of paints you can purchase, and you will need to make sure you purchase the type that is for the material you are painting. For example, if you have vinyl siding, purchase paint that is designed for vinyl siding.

In addition, you will also need to complete the necessary steps before you begin painting if you want the job to turn out well. This may include scraping off any chipped paint on the material. It may also include sanding the material and then washing it. Preparing the material is just as important as painting it, and preparing it properly will help you achieve better results when the job is finished.

When you prepare a brick house for paint, you may need to repair the mortar between the bricks before you begin, but this is only necessary if the mortar is chipping away.

Repainting any type of exterior material of a house is a huge job, and this is not something you should try yourself. Instead, hire an exterior painting company to help you do the job. For more information, visit websites like

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