How To Paint A Drop Ceiling

How To Paint A Drop Ceiling

How To Paint A Drop Ceiling

22 September 2017
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Drop ceilings are common in residential and commercial buildings since they make repairs easier. However, they can look drab and yellowish from stain after several years. Update the color of your ceiling by painting over them. Follow these directions on how to paint a drop ceiling:

Prepare to Work

To paint a drop ceiling, gather:

  • plastic work gloves
  • eye goggles
  • ladder 
  • broom
  • marker
  • drop cloths or plastic sheets
  • low-adhesive tape (optional) 
  • dish soap
  • rags or sponge mop
  • fine-grit sandpaper (optional) 
  • paintbrush and roller 
  • metal-based primer or spray primer (optional) 
  • spray paint or semi-gloss latex paint 

Clear the room of removable items, and lay drop cloths and plastic over non-removable items and the floor. Keep a window raised for ventilation or run an exhaust fan when you start painting. 

Remove the Tile

Removing tiles makes them easy to clean and paint, and it allows you to access the grid for painting. Press up on a whole ceiling tile at one corner, and rotate it as you lean it forward, and rotate the panel as you tilt it to release it. Write the number on the back of tiles that make the perimeter since they are commonly odd shapes.

After you remove tiles, sweep or vacuum the ceiling grid. Mix two or three drops of dish soap in warm water, and clean the ceiling with a rag or damp sponge mop, if you left the tiles in place. Rinse the tiles with clean water, and let them dry.

Paint the  Grid

If you are painting the grid, scrape rust spots with sandpaper. Apply the primer formulated for metal using a paintbrush or a roller with a narrow nap the same width as grids, and let it dry. Paint the tiles while you wait on the primer to dry.

If you use spray primer, cover the walls with plastic four feet below the ceiling, and tape it in place. Spray guns make applying the paint easier. Spray the grid, let it dry, then paint the grid in the same manner. 

Paint the Tiles

Lay the tiles face up on a flat surface covered with plastic giving yourself room to walk between them Follow instructions to mix paint, and brush the roller over the tiles two or three times for adequate coverage, or roll the paint on each tile. Let the tiles dry for two to three hours, and reinstall them.

If you use spray paint, practice spraying paint on cardboard or old ceiling tile to determine the thinness you need for desired results. Spray a thin layer of paint on each tile holing the spray gun at a 90-degree angle, and let them dry. 

Contact commercial painting services for more information and assistance. 

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